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After taking a swim one night, still basking from the excitement of her first investment in Get Juiced, Tanya had an epiphany – why not create an all female investment club and utilise the skills of women with different professional backgrounds? With Singapore’s pulsing start-up ecosystem, what better place to start just that? And so, the idea for L.I.C. was born…

The key was flexibility, wealth creation and enjoyment for the ladies involved. A few lunches (and maybe glasses of wine later) and Tanya had like-minded women on board, and so, L.I.C quickly became a reality.

If you thought that our Club’s name sounded a little twee, and was perhaps tongue-in-cheek; then you were right. A wry note made in a work calendar, played on ‘Ladies who Lunch’, and it wasn’t a far leap to Ladies’ Investment Club ‘Amazingly Kick-Ass Female Masters of the Investment and Start-Up Universe who Want to Do Important Things’ (AKAFMISUWDIT) just didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

As of March 2018, we are now 10 members strong and growing, and have closed investments in Gifts Less Ordinary and Klaud9 (some amazing female led companies!).

We look forward to seeing what the future brings !

This is an investment group with a difference – let us see what we can do for you!

Our Founders


Tanya has over 15 years legal sector experience and loves music, netball, yoga and most recently, can be found rediscovering her youth at nightclubs across Singapore following an investment in a tech-savvy cashless nightspot.

Tanya is the “face of” L.I.C. until such time as a model joins the club!



Kate has an excitingly diverse 15 year relationship and alliance management career spanning ICT, Software and Banking verticals. Originally from Sydney, Australia she has lived in various cities in Australia as well as in Germany, and Malaysia.

During this time she has travelled, read and consumed as many coffees and chocolate as possible. She is currently riding the big-data revolution in Singpapore, working in the noSQL space, collaborating with forward-thinking GSIs and consulting firms to deliver best-in-class operational data hubs to their clients.



Jasmine is an experienced all rounder with an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management and a versatile background ranging from Logistics and Market Research to HR and Training. She loves the outdoors, has a hands-on nature and enjoys bringing her creative ideas alive

Gail Wong

Gail Wong coaches business leaders to define and design success on their own terms, and champions financial zen and mastery for all women through her coaching programs and community-building initiatives. Formerly a corporate finance banker with Morgan Stanley in Asia, Europe and USA, she enjoys organizing and investing in growth companies, as part of a global and diversified personal portfolio, and is passionate about backing women out to make money meaningfully.

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