What we offer

This is an investment group with a difference. Put together with a mission to find, support and nurture female founders on their journey to business ownership. Driven by wanting to see more women-led start-ups and early stage companies, we are a group of self-funded female investors. With extensive experience across multiple industries and disciplines, the group offers not just capital, but guidance and mentoring to increase your likelihood of success.

Accelerate your business with support from L.I.C. members across:


Sales & marketing (local & international)
Global & enterprise account management
Project planning & management mentoring
Partnership stakeholder management
Change planning & risk mitigation
Operations management


IP searching & protection experience
Algorithm & software development
Software & solutions architecture
Agile techniques & team organisation
Engineering process improvement
SEO, content management & copywriting


Export & material management
Inventory planning, procurement & monitoring
Supplier auditing & preparation of logistic contracts

Strategic Development

Strategic relationship development
New market development
Geographical & vertical expansion
Sales operations
Channel activation & engagement
Product evangelisation


Investment banking
Corporate finance
IPO/Debt financing experience
Formulation of ‘First 100 Day’ initiatives
'Best practice' analysis
CRM implementation

Human Capital

Effective business communication
Successful negotiation planning & strategies
Building trust-based cultures
Navigating difficult conversations
Executive/performance coaching

Companies seeking funding should contact us.

We will review your business venture and followup where there is a match with our members’ investment priorities and skills set.

Who are We?

We are a group of experienced professionals from the legal, technology, finance, sales, business development and logistics sectors investing in and mentoring young companies with a focus on strategic growth acceleration.

Our Management Team

TANYA ROLFE​ - tanya@licvc.com

Tanya has over 15 years legal sector experience and loves music, netball, yoga and most recently, can be found rediscovering her youth at nightclubs across Singapore following an investment in a tech-savvy cashless nightspot.


Tanya has worked both in UK and Australia and has managed large corporate M&A teams in London and across Europe. Tanya is now taking her career in a different direction and has set up L.I.C. with three like-minded, talented and focused women with a wide variety of experience.

Tanya is particularly passionate about women in business and is excited to see the drive and determination from female entrepreneurs.

Gail Wong - gail@licvc.com

Formerly a corporate finance banker with Morgan Stanley in Asia, Europe and USA, Gail coaches business leaders to define and design success on their own terms, and champions financial zen and mastery for all women through her coaching programs and community-building initiatives. 

As part of the management team, she also takes on the added role of knowledge sharing within L.I.C.

Gail enjoys organising and investing in growth companies, as part of a global and diversified personal portfolio, and is passionate about backing women out to make money meaningfully.

A conscious-living practitioner, stage performer, and graduate of The Wharton School of Business, Gail is a Singaporean who has strived to hold both yin and yang, art and science, heart and mind, distinction and discovery, in her lifelong pursuits. She is excited about building a community that enriches and elevates women.


Dragana is an accountant by profession and has significant experience of cost control, budgeting and planning and acts as a key business adviser. She also has retail management experience.

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Our Senior Associates

Ling is responsible for AXJ Internet and Industrials sectors at Lion Global Investors. She has 12 years of financial industry experience and 2 years of legal experience.


Caterina is an international development specialist with 18 years of experience working for private sector and development finance  
institutions on inclusive finance, women’s economic empowerment, and entrepreneurship development. 


Anna is a legal consultancy General Manager for Plexus. Anna was also the co-founder of Axiom legal consultancy in the UK. She has extensive experience with global legal innovation, sales and account management.


Kelly has extensive experience working for multi national companies in both China and the US. Kelly’s experience is in sourcing and procurement selling for large retail corporations including Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Pamela started her career in investment banking and management consulting, followed by a fin-tech startup, and is now helping a global home-decor company to expand footprints in EU, Middle East and Southeast Asia. 


Jenny has held leadership positions in large corporates, consulting firms and small businesses / startups, including Partner at Deloitte Consulting, responsibility for Partnership Distribution at Manulife  Asia, and co-founder of Galileo Platforms, an InsurTech Startup.


Kaajal has over 15 years experience in the the FMCG, consumer marketing and advertising space. Kaajal’s experience spans cereals, confectionery, ice cream, savoury goods and retail banking.


Sarah is an engineer and consultancy services business owner with over 16 years of engineering and project management experience.


Ine is an accountant and has significant experience in fintech start ups as well as in manufacturing and supply chain.


Marta Bigio is a communications and brand management specialist with experience from Mars, Crocs and HP. Marta is a firm believer in the power of a story behind every business.


Delia is a LNG Commodity Trading Manager at a global energy company and is an experienced personal investor.

Our Associates

Carolin has a wealth of sales and marketing experience in her family run tyre business in Germany. Carolin has specific experience of operation management, strategic development, logistics and production planning experience.



Kate has an excitingly diverse 15 year relationship and alliance management career spanning ICT, Software and Banking verticals in Australia, Europe & Asia.


As a Certified Professional Coach, Agi works with clients to build resilience, confidence and clarity in times of change or pressure at work. She brings a background of Financial Services recruitment, rigorous coaching expertise and has helped get two start ups off the ground.


Katie Draper

As a B2B events marketing leader, Katie helps both young & established companies grow. With L.I.C., she looks to bring her insights & passion to new ventures.


As Founder & MD of premium craft alcohol brand Paper Lantern Distilling, Simin brings a unique founder’s perspective coupled with a strong background in finance to L.I.C.



Sunita is a Director of the biggest real estate company in Singapore and also a co-founder of an investment management organisation. Sunita brings 15 years of real estate experience. Sunita is a speaker, mentor, advisor and investor.


Zoe is Head of Project Portfolio Management for Asia ex-Japan for a large investment bank. She joined her current firm in 2001 based in London and has held various roles including Business CAO for a proprietary trading desk as well as her many project roles. 


Caroline is a qualified doctor with a background in GP / Family Medicine and Psychiatry. She is keen to invest in a variety of startup sectors across retail, hospitality and entertainment and can offer technical and business acumen within the healthcare and medical sector.


Xiaoyin is passionate in helping other women for better quality of  lives. Xiaoyin has worked in several countries as a chartered  
accountant, within the finance and banking sectors.


With 15 years in payments and FinTech, Andrea is a SME in creating regional content & solution thought leadership. She is also the founder of Athena Rising Coaching & Consulting Services involved in relationship and intimacy coaching and workshops for women and couples.


Laura started her career as a finance manager in the computer games industry before retraining as an interior designer and photographer. Laura is responsible for our beautiful L.I.C. photos and is now our newest female investor in our expanding group.


Ann-Marie is responsible for sustainability investing across the Asia Pacific region for an UHNW single family office. She has 14 years of experience in investments and banking in Asia.


Cheryl is an experienced business development leader in the professional services sector. Cheryl is also the founder of Pinehappy, a social enterprise selling eco friendly Christmas crackers.


Communication and Public Relation graduate, with (international) experience from multiple international projects: start-ups, NGOs and full-ride scholarships.


Marielle is a Founder and a Business Adviser to start-ups. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.


Cheryl has extensive experience in the Healthcare industry with a proven track record in setting up new businesses or building upon existing businesses in the healthcare space.


Our Consultants

Alex is a senior consultant with balanced exposure in technology (developer, solutions engineer, architect) and business (pre-sales, strategy consulting, analytics). 

Constance is the CEO of AIMLedge, a startup that  develops deep learning software for commodity, low-capacity camera hardware.

Yasaman has extensive experience in the fields of Biological Science and Engineering. As a co-founder of a deep tech startup herself, she is also well familiar with the entrepreneurship world.

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We’re thrilled to announce that we have closed our second round of investment in Gifts Less Ordinary today! Read more…

Interested in joining L.I.C.?

We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in joining Ladies Investment Club (L.I.C.)  as a fellow investor.

L.I.C. is currently seeking to expand our member base. We welcome women looking for investment opportunities who would enjoy being part of an established group. In particular, we are seeking Senior Associates: team members who are committed to help lead activities, such as deal sourcing, networking, deal management, vendor sourcing, communications and operations. This is an active role in L.I.C. with visibility and exposure. New members should ideally be passionate about investing, well-networked or willing to be, and enthusiastic about supporting female founders.

Benefits of investing as a L.I.C. member include:

Portfolio investing (i.e. investing in more than one company) is a lower risk approach to investment compared to the higher risk ‘all eggs in one basket’ approach of investing in just one or two companies;​​

L.I.C.’s diverse deal flow spans sectors – where else can you dip your toe into a photographic company, a cashless nightclub and a breakfast cereal business all at the same time?

We each benefit from each other’s skills, network of contacts and experience. This all improves the success and returns of investing;​

L.I.C. has the ability to undertake a greater level of due diligence as we utilise all of our respective skills to analyse each deal as it is presented to us;

As a L.I.C. member, you would have complete freedom to choose the deals you participate in (including your investment sum), based on your interest and investment criteria;
Another great benefit of being part of L.I.C. is that you play a part in elevating female entrepreneurship right here in Asia. It is a well-known fact that female founders receive significantly less funding from investors and VCs. You have a chance to alter that landscape and expand the pool of successful female founders;

One of the real benefits of being part of L.I.C. is the opportunity to craft your involvement in the businesses you have chosen to back. Guiding a business through key decisions and growth phases is an immensely rewarding experience – financial and otherwise.

For more information please refer to our L.I.C. investor FAQ below:

Investor FAQ

The only fee payable upon registration is a $100 administration fee (due yearly) which is held on account by L.I.C. management for use such as: web and email administration fees; purchase of stock photos and graphics; and memberships fees to forums. All expenditure is reported to the members on a quarterly basis.

Investing in start up and early stage companies is risky and there is little to no protection in place. It is therefore important, that you invest what you are comfortable with and that appropriate time is given to due diligence prior to making an investment decision.

If you leave Singapore, you will take your investments with you unless you wish to sell these. In which case, we ask that you kindly offer to other L.I.C. members in the first instance. You will need to consider your tax liabilities in your new country if you leave and take your investments with you.

If so, what does the investment manager/co-ordinator receive for their time involved in managing the deal?

For now, the appointed investment manager for each investment does not receive a fee. The investment manager therefore receives exactly the same return as other investors from L.I.C. who invest the same amount. We envisage this will change towards the middle to end of 2018 when we have gained further knowledge from managing our current deals and can better construct a framework for this.

L.I.C. members cannot offer their services (at a charge) to any businesses we are investing in, unless said service is free of charge. This may be something that we introduce in due course.

Naturally, if you are financially invested in a business, you will want to ensure that it is as successful as possible so your support to that business would inevitably be something you would be happy to provide. This point is something we are going to monitor closely over 2018 to see how best to structure the framework around possible changes to our approach.

It is our aim to have a diverse portfolio of investments and therefore we have a diverse range of exit strategies. Some investments will give short term rewards and others will be more long term. Each investment has a different exit strategy and this is factored into the consideration given when deciding on making the investment. There is not a one size fits all answer to this question.

How long is a piece of string? This is something you need to decide for each investment on a case by case basis. The amounts are varied and again, L.I.C. aims to have a diverse range of investments with varying investment levels.

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